Toddler Self Care Bundle

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Teach your toddler with self care and independency! SAVE P185 when you purchase our Toddler Self Care Christmas Bundle

The bundle contains:

1 Bunny Step Stool (Message us for the colors)

1 Sansfluo Step 2 Tooth Brush (Message us for the colors)

1 Sansfluo Natural Toothgel (Message us for the flavor)

1 Algynatural Baby Wash (Message us for the scent)

1 Sacred All-in-One Sanitizer

Bunny Step Stool

Teach your toddlers with simple life skills and independency like washing their hands, face and brushing their teeth on their own and washing simple dishes. Use this Bunny Step Stool so they can reach the sink without worrying that they might tumble down

🍭Use as a ladder
🍭Use as a seat
🍭Use as a platform
🍭Anti-slip surface
🍭 Skid-free, stable base
🍭 Carries up to 75 kgs

Sansfluo Step 2 Toothbrush

Kids already trained on how to properly brush their teeth are ready for the next level of good oral care habits. Time for them to use SansFluo Kids Toothbrush for toddlers! Its main features are the following:

  • Customized head brush small enough to fit a toddler’s mouth.
  • Soft and thin bristles that can easily clean spaces between the teeth and gums.
  • Non-slip rubber grip that’s perfect for a toddler’s small hands.

It’s available in the baby colors of pink and blue. Replace it every 2-3 months or after an illness.

Sansfluo Natural Toothgel Cleanser

For infants and little kids, brushing teeth and rinsing properly is still a learning process, so they often get to swallow some or all of their toothpaste. For children below two years of age, it is not recommended to use fluoride toothpaste. SansFluo Natural Toothgel Cleanser is a fluoride-free toothpaste formulated for children from 0-4 years old. It is non- foaming and contains no paraben. No sodium lauryl sulfate. All in all, no harmful ingredients!

Powered by xylitol, it is safe to swallow and comes in two great tasting flavors of orange and strawberry.

Algynatural Baby Wash

Algynatural™  Baby Wash is gently formulated to address the delicate skin of babies and young kids with its non-irritating blend of natural skin-friendly plant extracts. It gently protects the baby from harmful germs, and its mild moisturizing ingredients, helps maintain proper hydration for soft and supple baby skin. A gentle cleanser for delicate skin and hair of kids and babies!

Sacred All-in-One Sanitizer

Sacred is known in their Baby Wash that is 100% safe and contains 0 harmful substances.

Sacred Sanitizer an FDA Approved all-in-one sanitizer made with love for moms and kids.

🌿 Contains 60% Ethyl Alcohol (sugarcane derived)
🌿 Safe to use as early as 18 months old (with care)
🌿 Disinfects hands, toys and surfaces
🌿 Has Betaine, an all-natural mositurizer
🌿 Has Benzalkonium Chloride - known as an antimicrobial agent that works by killing microorganisms and inhibiting their future growth