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Snug-A-Hug Pillow

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Snug-a-hug is a special pillow used primarily by expecting moms, nursing mothers, recuperating patients and the like, but generally this product can be used on a daily basis by anyone or anybody who just love a decent sleep!
Snug-a-hug is so versatile, you can do a lot of position by simply switching from one point to another. Its perfect for men and women, elderly and children as well.

Every Snug-a-hug is made of 100% US Cotton and filled with high quality synthetic fibers. Cloth pillow covers  are made of jersey cotton knit (similar to your t-shirt’s fabric) To give you that comfy cool feel that is very applicable to our climate.

Each set comes with a 1 Snug-a-hug pillow in white, 1 plain pillow cover, 1 dust bag, 1 carry bag, and brochure