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Sacred All-in-one Sanitizer

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It is not advisable for babies to wear facemask or face shield. The only way to protect them is to keep our hands clean and sanitize before holding them or touching their toys and stuffs. Sometimes , strong smell of alcohol irritates them, so better to use sanitizers that are safe, natural and without strong odor

Sacred is known in their Baby Wash that is 100% safe and contains 0 harmful substances.

Sacred Sanitizer an FDA Approved all-in-one sanitizer made with love for moms and kids.

🌿 Contains 60% Ethyl Alcohol (sugarcane derived)
🌿 Safe to use as early as 18 months old (with care)
🌿 Disinfects hands, toys and surfaces
🌿 Has Betaine, an all-natural mositurizer
🌿 Has Benzalkonium Chloride - known as an antimicrobial agent that works by killing microorganisms and inhibiting their future growth