Precious and Vince 3in1 Lion Head Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Regular price ₱2,475.00

  • An activity gym and ball pit in one
  • 30 colorful balls store inside Lion head
  •  4 linkable sea pals
  • 0 Months+

Product Description:

 Grow With Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit

Babies will have a ball with this action-packed activity gym. Four adorable sea pals and pop-up mesh sides entertain and surround little movers and shakers. This one-of-a-kind gym also converts into a fun sensory-stimulating ball pit that’s perfect for busy toddlers.

Lay & Play

 The lay and play format creates a sensory playground for small babies. Babies are surrounded by visually stimulating toys that encourage visual development like tracking. The hanging activities toys also encourage early fine and gross motors skills as babies begin to reach, bat, grab, and kick at interesting toys. These motions make toys sway, jingle, and rattle, which create more visual and auditory stimulation and an entertaining reason to do it again. The large surrounding mat help give baby a comfortable and defined space to play.

Sit & Play

 The sit and play format combines arch activity play with ball pit format. In this format babies can continue to build on fine and gross motor skills as well as acquiring new skills like early object and color recognition, and basic problem solving.

Ball Pit Play

 The ball pit format creates a fun zone for busy toddlers. At this stage little ones can move around within the pit and have fun putting the balls and activity toys through the strategically placed holes around the mesh pit.