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Mamajoo Elegant Ultra Breast Pads 13 cm / 30 pieces

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Mamajoo disposable Elegant Ultra Breast Pads, help to prevent clothes getting wet and staining from breastmilk leakage while allowing mother’s sensitive nipples to remain hygienic. Mamajoo Ultra-Absorbent Gel Breast Pads, being superior to many breast pads with their width of 13 cm and 100 ml high absorbency capacity to provide the maximum dryness, are the most ideal pad to use in day and night. With their one-way moisture absorption technology for complete dryness, they have unique 4-layer structure with leak-proof backing sheet.

💟ULTRA absorbent, soft, breathable top layer - keeps breast dry at all times
💟ULTRA absorbent cushioned layer - provides extra absorption, dryness and comfort
💟ULTRA absorbent layer with gel – prevents leakage and staining
💟ULTRA breathable outer layer – helps to heal sore or cracked nipples