Home Essentials Bundle

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Keep your home clean and free from viruses and germs. SAVE P120 when you purchase our Home Essentials Bundle!

The bundle contains:

1 MyNatureLand Room Spray (Message us for your choice of scent: Citrus or Floral)

1 Virus Shield

1 Human Nature Dish and Bottle Cleanser

1 Human Nature Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

1 Sacred All-in-One Santizer


MyNatureland Room Spray 300ML

Use MyNatureland™ Room Spray to sanitize and eliminate foul odors in your own home! This has botanical essences that work against free radicals in the environment and on surfaces. Unlike other deodorizers, MyNatureland™ Room Spray does not just mask out foul odors but rather contains natural active enzymes that scrubs out and absorbs unwanted odors.

This product is infused with natural scents and other natural active ingredients that are truly safe for home and your family.

Virus Shield

Virus Shield is an air and surface disinfectant with broad spectrum anti microbial activity in 10 minutes

Safe for entire family and pets

Non-porous disinfectant
Aldehyde free
No-chemical odor

Human Nature Dish and Bottle Cleanser

99.7% Natural | Dermatologist-tested

As your little one discovers new tastes and textures, keep feeding tools and toys safely and effectively free from milk and food residue with this cleansing liquid that's 100% free from harmful chemicals.

Baby-safe cleansing
✓ Fragrance-free & colorant-free
✓ Biodegradable & non-toxic ingredients
✓ Rinses clean with no chemical residue
✓ Dermatologist tested safe & non irritating
✓ Gentle and non-drying on hands

Human Nature Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

100% Natural | Dermatologist-tested

Clothe your baby in nature's loving touch with the only baby laundry detergent certified by the Natural Products Association.

Remove baby stains and dirt
Perfect for baby's clothes, cloth diapers, towels and linens. Decyl glucoside, a natural cleanser in our detergent, effectively removes milk stains. Our easy-to-rinse natural coconut-based cleansers leave no harmful residue that may irritate baby's delicate skin.

Baby-safe cleansing
✓ Fragrance-free & colorant-free
✓ Free from SLS/SLES, bleach and optical brighteners
✓ Biodegradable & non-toxic ingredients

Sacred All-in-One Santizer

Sacred is known in their Baby Wash that is 100% safe and contains 0 harmful substances.

Sacred Sanitizer an FDA Approved all-in-one sanitizer made with love for moms and kids.

🌿 Contains 60% Ethyl Alcohol (sugarcane derived)
🌿 Safe to use as early as 18 months old (with care)
🌿 Disinfects hands, toys and surfaces
🌿 Has Betaine, an all-natural mositurizer
🌿 Has Benzalkonium Chloride - known as an antimicrobial agent that works by killing microorganisms and inhibiting their future growth