CimilreS5 Twin Motor Rechargeable Breast Pump and UV Shield Smart Magic UVC Sterilizing Bag Bundle

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Cimilre S5 Twin Motor Rechargeable Breast Pump

Cimilre S5 is a double electric breast pump integrated with 2-motor pump and rechargeable battery.
The suction on each pump can be adjusted individually that you can customize and control the suction strength on each breast during pumping or use sync mode for simultaneous control

The package includes:
1 unit of dual twin motor breast pump
2 wide neck breast shields (choose your flange size)
2 tubes
2 valves
2 backflow protectors
2 storage bottles

UV Shield Smart Magic UV LED Sterilizing Bag

✅ One click quick disinfection (5min only) to
✅ Powerful sterilization: Kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses
✅ Removes odor
✅ No radiation
✅ No residue
✅ No ozone
✅ Collapsible for easy storage