Botanicals in Blooms Feeding Bottle and Utensils Cleanser CONCENTRATED FORMULA

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Botanicals in Bloom's Feeding Bottle and Utensils Cleanser In CONCENTRATED FORMULA

is a plant- based natural cleaner that is excellent in eliminating dirt or substances adhered over the surface of feeding bottles and utensils. It’s easy to rinse, reducing build-up that causes growth of harmful microorganisms. Since, it’s concentrated formula you will have big savings! A little amount goes a long way.

A product that is safe and effective to use in cleaning baby’s bottles and utensils at the same time for household utensils.

  • Made from natural and food safe ingredients.
  • Effective in removing foul odors.
  • Safe to use for silicone bottles, metal, utensils and any grade of plastic bottles.
  • Free from SLS and Paraben.
  • Skin-friendly, does not dry hands upon using.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Fragrance free.

Dilute 2 pumps of Botanicals in Bloom’s Baby Feeding Bottle and Utensils Cleaner with 1 liter of water or small basin full of water. Soak all bottles and utensils. Scrub and clean using a sponge or bottle brush. Rinse thoroughly and sterilize.