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Say goodbye to acne and oily skin with Algynatural Facial Wash!

Algynatural™ Facial Wash is a blend of ingredients rich in natural antioxidants and is very effective in exfoliating, and at the same time moisturizing the skin to prevent dryness. It keeps your skin balanced 24/7, by removing excess oil from your skin and slough away dead skin cells while unclogging pores to avoid acne trouble.

Algynatural Facial Wash is infused with calming berries and clarifying seaweed extract that will help keep the oilier areas of your skin in check, but won’t dry out the parts of your face that don’t grease up midday. This leaves your skin deeply cleaned, keeping your face looking fresh all day long!

Completely free of dyes, artificial perfumes, and harsh irritants that can upset your sensitive skin.