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Breastfeeding Tools for Working Moms

Posted by Ana Dino on

We got lots of queries from the first-time breastfeeding moms on what tools they need so they can continue provide breastmilk to their little ones even when they’re at work

Here’s some of our suggestions:

  1. High quality portable and dual electric breast pump
  • High quality portable and dual electric breast pump is very important in yielding more milk. Prolactin level in the blood is also higher when you’re pumping both breasts at the same time. Good quality electric breast pump is the best and easy way to double-pump. Cimilre F1 dual rechargeable electric breast pump is a high-quality pump which only weighs around 250g. It has 10 levels of expression mode and 5 levels massage mode. It is ultra-silent with sound less than 45dB, which makes the pumping discreet. It can also be used both dual and single pump. And more importantly, you can choose flange size that fits you, so you will have a comfortable and efficient pumping sessions.
  1. Handsfree beast shields
  • Cimilre handsfree breast shields gives you more flexibility in pumping at work. You can multitask while pumping. You can pump sitting at your work station, roam around or even while driving during your field work or on your way home. You don’t need a special pumping bra since it can fit on any regular bra. It is best paired with handy pump like Cimilre F1
  1. Yummy and effective lactation aids
  • Breastfeeding/pumping mommies usually lacks sleep since they feed and pump round the clock, so they need drinks or snacks at the office to keep them alert and awake. Instead of drinking regular coffee, turn to yummy lactation aids which will not only help you keep alert but will also boost your milk supply. Mother Nurture Malunggay Coffee and Choco are packed with healthy ingredients like malunggay, ashitaba, gotu kola and stevia which also helps in boosting milk supply. MQT Moringa Tea is made of 100% organic and pure malunggay (moringa) leaves with no extenders or fillers.
  1. High quality insulated cooler bag
  • Freshly pumped breastmilk should be stored and kept in cool temperature so it can last longer. Breast milk in insulated cooler bag with ice bricks can last up to 24 hours (depending on the quality of insulated bag and ice bricks). Igloo Mini Essential insulated bag is a high quality fully insulated cooler bag for maximum cooling. It has antimicrobial, leak resistant and easy to clean liner.
  1. High quality milk storage bags or bottles
  • Those who are saying “don’t cry over spilled milk” is definitely not a pumping mama. Every drop of breast milk is so precious, so make sure that you will store it on a high-quality storage bottles or milk bags. Happy Hippo Milk Storage Bag contains 20 pre-sterilized zipper bags. Guaranteed leak-proof due to its double zipper seal. It has self-standing pouch which makes it very convenient to store in either freezer or refrigerator. It is safe and BPA free, made of PET+LLDPE which conforms with international product quality standards.
  1. Organic Nipple Cream
  • Pumping can cause dry and cracked nipple, so make sure to moisturize it using safe and organic nipple cream/balm. MQ Nipple Care and Rescue Balm helps in easing pain from sore and cracked nipple. Made of 100% pure organic and food grade virgin coconut oil, grapeseed oil and shea butter that can easily be absorbed in skin. Guaranteed 100% chemical-free and boob and baby friendly.
  1. High quality reusable ice brick
  • High quality insulated cooler bag must be paired with high quality re-usable ice bricks to ensure that pumped breast milk is fresh until you reach home. Igloo Maxcold Ice Glaze is a Re-freezable ice block with non-toxic ice gel.
  1. High quality and with easy access nursing top or dress
  • According to askdrsears.com, one of the breast pumping tips that makes life more convenient for moms is to dress for pumping comfort. Investing in several fashionable nursing tops or dress with easy access opening at the breasts can simplify both pumping and nursing.


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